Coleraine Harbour Commissioners are cognisant of their responsibility and accountability for the Harbour’s role and powers in relation to marine operations and port undertakings within its control.

The Harbour Board understands its statutory and common law duties, which include an obligation to conserve and facilitate the safe use of the harbour and an express duty to take such action it considers necessary for the maintenance, operation, improvement and conservancy of the harbour.

The Harbour Board is committed to the management of marine operations in a way that safeguards the Harbour, its users and the public. Consultations will take place with all those who work in and use the Harbour to ensure that they are fully consulted and involved in the preparation of safety policies and procedures.

Full and comprehensive risk assessments are undertaken in respect of all activities and facilities within the Harbour leading to the development of a comprehensive Risk Assessment and Safety Management System for marine operations.

The Harbour Board acknowledges its role in protecting the port marine environment from the risk of pollution, excessive disturbance or misuse, by the adherence to relevant legislation, safe working practices and diligent monitoring or operations.

The Harbour Board is committed to the continuous improvement of safety within this Harbour by the implementation of appropriate policies and procedures of management.

This Safety Management System will be regularly monitored and reviewed.

This document has been approved by the Harbour Board
Dated: 01 September 2018