COVID-19 Update: 11th Sept 2020

Coleraine Harbour is reopen and our priority continues to be the safety of our customers, staff and visitors.  Customers may access the Harbour site while adhering to social distancing rules as per current government advice. 


Whilst on site, Harbour customers are reminded to maintain a 2 meter distance from other Harbour users, and use the hand sanitizers provided, when entering your designated storage shed.  From 10 August it is mandatory in Northern Ireland to wear face coverings in particular circumstances – short periods in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not possible.


Toilets have been reopened for use; please wash and sterilize hands and clean down any surfaces before leaving toilets.  


**Please Note:  All customers must visit the Harbour Office during working hours to have their key fob reinstated on the system.   

It is important to recognise that while some restrictions are being relaxed, we remain in a state of national emergency and some restrictions will still apply.  Please maintain safe practices to reduce the spread of COVID 19. 


Customers must adhere to strict social distancing while on site.

Commercial shipping operations remain in place. 

The national emergency is ongoing and we will be closely monitoring Government advice. 

Updates will be posted on our website.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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Coleraine Harbour – Welcome To The Port Of Coleraine

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Telephone: 028 7034 2012
Fax: 028 7035 2000
VHF: 12


Lat 55° 08 10′ N


Long 06° 40 21′ W


The River Bann Navigation Acts and Order 1879 to 2010.


The role of the Harbour Commissioners is primarily as the Navigational Authority regulating marine operations within Coleraine Harbour from the Barmouth to the Millennium footbridge. It has an environmental duty to conserve and facilitate the safe use of the Habour and its resources. 


In addition it has the responsibility of implementing the Port Marine Safety Code.  Coleraine Harbour Commissioners as the Competent Harbour Authority and duty holder under the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC), recognise a responsibility to publicly report on PMSC performance.  The main requirements of the Code are to carry out risk assessments for marine operations, implement a safety management system, employ properly qualified marine personnel, and ensure that sufficient powers and resources are provided to manage marine operations safely.

An external compliance audit is carried out on an annual basis on the Port’s Safety Management System by the designated person to ensure that the standards as detailed in the PMSC and associated guide to good practice are met. 


Please take time to read through our Notifications to Mariners


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